New Year!!! New Wines!!! New Zealand wines!!! Flavours of New Zealand Wine Tasting 2018!!!




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Another year, and a great start to a new year would be to try over 450 New Zealand Wines.

A wide selection on offer to explore at the ‘Flavours of New Zealand’ Wine Tasting 2018 at the Westminster County Hall Gallery on 15th January.

A great way to explore New Zealand’s wines in London!!!

An evening (6.00pm – 9.00pm) for consumers to get a better understanding or/and to enjoy the wonderful wine varieties New Zealand has to offer.

Better than last year’s wine tasting in my opinion and to top it off included an insightful masterclass given by Peter McCombie MW in the evening, New Zealand’s Master of Wine, going through the 7 wines that evening, 4 white wines and 3 red wines, all outstanding in their own way.


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Gozenshu Sake Seminar!!! (21st March 2017)

Sakagura LDN once again presented its 3rd Sake & Food Pairing evening on Tuesday 21st March 2017, entitled “Gozenshu Sake Brewery Seminar” hosted by Oliver Hilton-Johnson (Director of Tengu Sake).

Gozenshu Sake Brewery, sake from the Maniwa City  of the Okayama Prefecture in Southern Japan, continue their family’s legacy as they pioneer the use of omachi rice and the ancient bodaimoto technique to brew their distinct and flavourful sake.

The Sake & Food Pairing for the evening included:

  1. Sake: Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Usu-nigori Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Soft Shell Crab Karage

  1. Sake: Gozenshu 9 “Mountain Stream” Junmai Nama Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Sakagura Carpaccio

  1. Sake: Gozenshu 9 “Rocky Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Wagyu Beef Aburi Steak; and lastly

  1. Sake: Gozenshu “Ancient Mountain” Futushu; paired with

Food: Tori Chicken Tsukune in Steamed Bun

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Takara Sake Tasting @ Hedonism Wines!!! (3rd March 2017)

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More than one and a half centuries of challenge!!!

Takara has great experience in producing Shochu, Mirin and Sake for more than one-and-a-half centuries, applying traditional sake-making craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a Sake worthy of the Takara mark.

Because Takara’s main business endeavors depend heavily on the mastery of natural processes such as fermentation, the Company feels a strong responsibility toward preserving the natural environment. As a self-proclaimed “Harmonist,” Takara engages in activities aimed at educating people about the importance of sustainable coexistence with nature.

Its work in this area is embodied in Takara’s corporate philosophy:
“Contributing to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle for its members through our fermentation technology and biotechnology in a way that achieves harmony with nature.”


The 3 types of Sake tasted that evening were:
– Mio Sparkling Sake;
– Daiginjo Muroka Genshu; and
– Kimoto Junmai.

An insightful evening on Friday 3rd March at Hedonism Wines, in the company of House of Sake’s Honami Matsumoto and Mr. Nagaoka of Takara – two leading sake experts in the UK.

Kanpai!!! 🙂

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Sake@UK & UK Sommelier Association Walkaround Tasting at Vagabond Wines (5-7 February 2017)


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Sake@UK imports sake from over 25+ sake breweries across Japan.

Sake@UK was pleased to announce a Walkaround tasting event hosting with UK Sommelier Association at Vagabond Wines – Charlotte Street on Sunday 5th – Tuesday 7th February 2017 to show case over 20 different Japanese sake Breweries.

On Sunday 5th February, I attended Vagabond Wines, entered the basement of the shop and was welcomed to a selection of sake to taste, with the chance to taste more than 20 brands. This was a unique chance to taste a vast range of drinks in one event.

The CEO of Sake@UK, Mr Nakamura, Managing Director and team were present on the day, guiding guests and sake enthusiasts through the different types of sake present on the day and what makes each one unique. Representatives of the UK Sommelier Association, the President and Vice President were also present on the day.

One thing about Sake that I like, is the variety and this event gave you the chance to explore a wide variety of sake, ranging from tasting sparkling sake, fruit sake to top quality Daiginjo / Junmai Daiginjo and even more than 40 year old vintage sake.

Additionally, this was a great chance to witness the Umami bomb! Sake enhances flavour of food because of its Umami! It was a great opportunity to see what sake can do but wine can not.

Have you ever tasted Sake with finger food? In order to enhance the flavour of Sake, food is necessary alongside it, and this event offered a food paring with Sake, namely, Finger food, which was served at the venue and a great combination with Sake.


At the end of the Day, guests, including myself had to decide on our favourite 3 Sakes in 3 Categories, it was a struggle, a hard choice to make indeed. In my opinion, they were all outstanding.

Lastly, guests were offered the chance to purchase their favourites from the day.

This Walkaround Tasting was an exclusive event for food trade professionals including: Sommeliers / Bar managers, Retailer buyers, Wholesalers / Distributors, Food / Drink Influencers like writers, editors, bloggers & the Media.

Overall, a great selection covered on 3 tables, delicious tasting sake and a great environment.

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Gekkeikan Sake Brewery Seminar!!! (31st January 2017)



Sakagura LDN once again held an excellent sake and food pairing seminar on Tuesday evening, where this time, they introduced “Gekkeikan Sake Seminar”, a sake that has been experiencing a tremendous growth in popularity.

The evening involved pairing world class Gekkeikan Sake with some of Sakagura’s delicious dishes made by their Head Chef, Yackshin Jin. A fantastic, educative night with Kohei Hoshino representing Gekkeikan Sake brewery and Natsuki Romano-Kikuya, founder of Museum of Sake.

The Sake & Food Pairings (4 in total) for the evening included:

– Densho Gekkeikan Daiginjo paired with spicy edamame;
– Densho Gekkikan Junmai Ginjo paired with sakagura carpaccio;
– Gekkeikan Kyo San Sui Junmai paired with kyoto yakko tofu; and lastly
– Gekkeikan Taru Sake paired with tara miso yaki.

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Keep an eye out for their next event, coming very soon.

Kanpai!!! 🙂

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Brief History
“The brand name GEKKEIKAN (meaning “crown of laurel”) was adopted as the company’s formal pledge to excellence. Through this commitment, the company became a true leader in the industry and pioneered a number of research and development efforts. The successful results of these endeavors have enabled Gekkeikan to become one of the nation’s most popular brand.”

Hello Baijiu: Raise a Chinese New Year Toast!!! (25th January 2017)


To celebrate Chinese New Year this year, ‘the Year of the Rooster’, an event was held at China Exchange UK, on Wednesday 25th January 2017 in London Chinatown, in partnership with FU Baijiu Bar Liverpool and part of Baijiu Cocktail Week.

The evening’s tasting event “Hello Baijiu: Raise a Chinese New Year Toast” at China Exchange UK, focussed on ‘Baijiu’, China’s alcoholic drink, and also the world’s most consumed spirit and the next drinking trend for London.

It was a lively evening, where we learnt to taste the differences in baijiu aromas while hearing about the methods and history of its production and the social context in which it’s enjoyed.

There are Four Types of Baijiu:
– Strong Aroma;
– Light Aroma;
– Sauce Aroma; and
– Rice Aroma.
We also learnt how to incorporate this strong distilled alcohol into our drinks cabinet with blending and cocktail ideas.

A wonderfully presented event by the FU Bar representatives on the topic of Baijiu!!!
This evening’s event was perfect for booze buffs or those looking for something fun to do to brighten up January.

Some of the Baijiu brands present on the evening included Moutai, Wu Liang Ye, Yanghe & Shui Jing Fang.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Have a Great Year!!!

Ganbei!!!! 🙂

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Tosa Brewery Sake Seminar!!! (17th January 2017)

A wonderful presentation was given on Tuesday 17th January  by Muneki Matsumoto and also Honami Matsumoto at Sakagura London on the sake and food pairings.

The Sake and Food Pairings on the day included (as seen in the pictures below):

– Keigetsu sparkling junmai daiginjo “john” 2016 (IWC*) paired with ika karage;

– Keigetsu junmai daiginjo gin no yume “dream brew” paired with beef tataki;

– Tosa brewery keigetsu tokubetsu junmai aikawa homare “honour of aikawa” paired with kamo kushiyaki; and last but not least

– Tosa brewery keigetsu tosa “yuzu sake” with kaisen salada

*IWC – International Wine Challenge – Sparkling Sake Trophy Winner

Overall, a beautiful event, fantastic sake, definitely one to try, and also a fantastic combination of sake and food pairings. Lastly the service was excellent at Sakagura London, 5* service.

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