So where shall I start? Well why Wine?

“Wine is bottled poetry” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I believe apart from the fact that wine is a drink, makes one happy, relaxed, and have a good time, each wine tells a story of different countries and how & where it was made, has a different aroma and taste, which differs from one wine to another (which i’m sure you’re aware of or heard a lot).

Also, the process involved in the production of the delicious drink that we know as ‘Wine’ curiously was a fascination as well as the various grape varieties and how there are dozens from all over the world (over 10,000 wine grapes in the world).

So in a way, I guess we can say it is more than a drink.

Questions kept arising. How? And Why?

There is so much to learn in the area of Wines & Spirits which would peak ones interest, especially mine.

The start of my journey began with the WSET qualifications in Wine & Spirits and subsequently Sake, followed by several tastings to satisfy my appetite for knowledge.

The same curiosity also arose for Spirits and Sake and later even the most basic element, Water, in that how the TDS levels affect the taste of water (which I will discuss a bit about in my later posts).

Ever since then, I’ve begun to set out to explore the world of Water, Wine, Sake & Spirits and not to forget Food too and how they can complement each other perfectly.

Well I guess that summarises a bit about my passion of Wine, Sake & Spirits!!!

In my current and future posts, I shall detail events, which I have attended (mainly around London and at times outside of London) in relation to the Wine, Sake & Spirits Industry and highlight what they presented.

Thank you for reading!!!! See you soon!!! 🙂

(Note: I will be posting in the future about my past events of 2016, where it all started. Watch out for it!!!)


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