Sake Tasting: Discover the Quality of Okayama (25th October 2016)

On Tuesday’s 25th October 2016, “Sake Tasting: Discover the Quality of Okayama Tasting” at Yashin Ocean House, five of Japan’s much-sought-after and established brands came together.

Located in western Japan, three of the region’s most-respected sake breweries: Kikuchi Sake Brewery, Tsuji honten and Shiragiku Shuzo showcased their stunning sake lines that fused traditional techniques with contemporary tastes.

Additionally, the event focussed on the high-quality Omachi rice, one of three key ingredients used to produce the high-quality sake that both Japan and the UK have come to love and enjoy.

Lastly, the event welcomed Bizen Ware, the popular and traditional Japanese pottery design that brings hundreds of years of Japan’s rich culture and style to London, which was given (free to keep) to each guest.

Fantastically Organised by Satomi Okubo, Director of Enshu Limited and also Oliver from Tengu Sake, and lastly the producers of the sakes, Soichiro Tsuji, Daisuke Kikuchi and ワタナベ シュウゾウ and everyone else involved!!! 👍 🍶🍶🍶

#sake #saketasting #nihonshu #okayama #omachi #japan #japanesebrewery #london #yashinoceanhouse


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