Cyprus Wine Tasting & Masterclass (31st October 2016)

On Monday 31st October 2016, at Vintners Hall, a wine tasting had taken place which enabled wineries from Cyprus to showcase their wines to the trade, media and wine lovers and to show the level Cyprus has reached in viticulture and wine quality; that would give Cyprus an important place on the international wine map.

Additionally, there was a Masterclass presented by Caroline Gilby MW, an expert on Cyprus Wines, as part of the event.

Many internationally awarded wines were presented, produced by the distinctive local grapes of the island*, which can be ideally blended with the international popular varieties.

*Local grape varieties include grapes like Xynisteri, Mavro and Maratheftiko that grow nowhere else. There are others such as Yiannoudi, Morokanella and Promara and others, however, they haven’t made it into the “Wine Grapes” bible yet. And lastly, the sweet dark Commandaria, the oldest named wine still in production.

(Note: In 2016, 12 Cyprus wines scored 90 or above (for silver and gold medals) across wines of all styles)).

This was a wonderfully organised event at Vintners Hall by Vassil Rachkov & team, the Cyprus High Commission Trade Centre, and also an amazing presentation by Caroline Gilby MW, and an amazing job by all those presenting their wines from their wineries and everyone else involved.

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Winemaking in Cyprus stretches some 6,000 years into the past and it is widely believed it was these early vineyards that triggered the spread of winemaking around the ancient world.

Fast forward to present, Cypriot winemaking landscape has made an evolutionary change. Following the country’s entry into the EU in 2004, the winemakers of Cyprus have taken the best of what Europe offers, from the wine production through to marketing and branding, and combined it with their own personality to offer consumers something unique.

Interesting Fact

Cyprus’ historical links with Vintners’ Hall date back to 1363, when King Peter I of Cyprus, together with four other kings, was entertained at a banquet reception at the Hall, widely known as the Feast of the Five Kings. According to the tradition, the five kings used Commandaria, the traditional wine of Cyprus, to toast.

List of Cyprus Wineries present: (14 Wineries in Total)

– Argyrides – R & V Vasa

– Ayia Mavri Winery

– Etko & Olympus Winery

– Fikardos Winery

– Hadjiantonas Winery

– K & K Vasilikon

– Karapashis Winery

– Kamanterena (SODAP) Winery

– Keo Winery

– Kyperounda Winery

– Revecca Winery

– Tsiakkas Winery

– Vlassides Winery

– Zambartas Winery


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