Gusto Italia Showroom!!! (7th November 2016)

Gusto Italia Showroom Event – a walk through the Italian enogastronomical excellence !!!

On the 7th November 2016, in the grandeur of the Sheraton Hotel Grand Park Lane, the Italian catering industry hosted two days of festivities in the heart of London’s Mayfair, where the APCI-UK (Association of Professional Italian Chefs – UK) in collaboration with the AIS Sicily (Italian Sommelier Association, Sicily) with the support of the Italian Trade Agency, London presented the event “GUSTO ITALIA” (now in its third edition).

On the following day, celebrity chefs and other experts attended in which an award ceremony/Gala was held at the Millenium Hotel, where a number of awards* were given, the Prize of Italian Catering in the UK to the best Italian gourmet chefs and sommeliers in town, and were crowned this year’s winners.

*There are five Award Categories which include: Best Chef, best barman/sommelier, best Restaurateur, best promising young talent and a press award.

Show Cooking was done by various Celebrity Chefs such as Giancarlo Caldesi, Carmelo Carnevale, Giuseppe Silvestri and Danilo Cortellini,

More than 40 delegates from Italy’s Friuli, Abruzzo, Marche and Sicily regions were welcomed to its Gusto Italia Showroom. And with them had come thousands of bottles of wine and the best of local authentic food products especially for the occasion.

Guests were able to enjoy six masterclasses on topics including Italian extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian wines from the slopes of Mount Etna.

Brilliantly Organised by Carmelo Carnevale (president of the professional Italian chef alliance in the UK, APCI-UK) and team as well as AIS Sicily along with the Italian Trade Agency. Additionally, an amazing job by all the exhibitors.

A must attend event for those interested in exploring Italian Food & Wine from across Italy.

Note: This event was broadcasted live by Philip Baglini Olland, London One Radio (in Italian) at the event and can be accessed on their website.

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Water Fact

Smeraldina Water was used. (TDS = 133mg/l)

Italian Grape Varieties

Some of the many grape varieties used in Sicily include Nero D’Avola and Frappato and in Sardinia includes Sardinian Bovale, Cannonau, Monica, Muristellu, Cagnulari, Vermintino and other native types.

Aim of the event

The aim of the event is to build bridges between the UK and Italy and make sure the best Italian products are reaching the UK market.

The event organizer, Carmelo Carnevale, president of the professional Italian chef alliance in the UK APCI-UK says, ‘It’s vital to value locally sourced produce if the quality of Italian cuisine is to survive. That’s why an event such as the Gusto Italia awards is so important in London, the hub of international commerce and trade.’


The primary objective of APCI-UK is to protect and enhance the real “Made in Italy” on British soil and to help young Italian chefs make their way into the British job environment. These are the ingredients of the family of the chefs of APCI-UK, which opened on 22 April 2013 at the Sheraton Park Lane in London.


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