Sake & Spice Tasting Evening @ Kiri – Kiri Sake Club (23rd November 2016)

Kiri Sake Club presented their first sake tasting on Wednesday evening, entitled:

Sake and Spice Tasting Evening!!!

An evening dedicated to Japanese spice!

On Wednesday evening (23rd November), there was a pairing of 6 sakes with 6 different spicy dishes from Japan and Korea. The aim of the evening is to show how versatile sake can be when it comes to more robust flavours.

There were some unusual pairings where they matched, including: chilli, sansho pepper, seven spice and shishito, which were really nice.

This interesting event was hosted by Asami Tasaka, Managing Director of World Sake Imports UK and was organised by Mark McCafferty. An amazingly presented and organised event!!!

The Food and Sake are highly recommended at Kiri and worth the visit. A lovely setting alongside delicious sake and food.

Details of the next Sake event, part of Kiri Sake Club are tbc, but will be in January!!!

Kampai!!! 🙂

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Sake and Food Pairings:

1st Course:
Padron peppers with salt
Sake: Akitabare “Shunsetsu” (cold)

2nd Course:
Tako Carpaccio with kizami wasabi
Sake: Kamoizumi “Nigori Ginjo” (cold)

3rd Course
Wagyu skewer with pepper sauce
Sake: Junmai Kamoizumi “Shusen” (room temperature)

4th Course:
Japanese curry and chips
Sake: Junmai Tamagawa “Tokubetsu Junmai” (room temperature)

5th Course:
Korean fried chicken kara-age
Sake: Tamagawa “Time Machine” (room temperature)

6th Course:
Kimchee rice with quail egg
Sake: Daiginjo Tamagawa “Kinsho” (cold)


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