The Start of a New Year!!!

2017!!! A New Year!!!

January and February


  • The Great New Zealand Wine Tasting
  • Tosa Brewery Sake Seminar & Tasting (Sake & Food Pairings)
  • Hello Baijiu: Raising a New Year Toast
  • Gekkeikan Sake Brewery Seminar & Tasting (Sake & Food Pairings)


  • Sake@UK Walkaround Sake Tasting

After coming back from my Christmas Holidays and New year in Goa in January, where I also tried Fenni (or Fenny)*, I attended a few food and drink events around London, which will be detailed below. However first i shall provide an overview.

I first started of with The Great New Zealand Wine Tasting (16th January), followed by the Tosa Sake Brewery  (17th January) at Sakagura London, with some delicious dishes and sake’s and lastly to celebrate Chinese New Year, there was a Baijiu (China’s alcoholic spirit) Tasting to toast.

More recently, at the end of January leading to February, there was another amazing event at Sakagura London, the Gekkeikan Sake Brewery Tasting, with some amazing sake and food pairings, followed by the Sake@UK at Vagabond Wines in February, where they held a walkaround sake tasting , which was held from 4th-7th February 2017, with a selection of sake to taste.

*Goa’s alcoholic spirit (42.8% abv) – 2 types: –

  • Cashew Fenny; and
  • Coconut Fenny

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