Tosa Brewery Sake Seminar!!! (17th January 2017)

A wonderful presentation was given on Tuesday 17th January  by Muneki Matsumoto and also Honami Matsumoto at Sakagura London on the sake and food pairings.

The Sake and Food Pairings on the day included (as seen in the pictures below):

– Keigetsu sparkling junmai daiginjo “john” 2016 (IWC*) paired with ika karage;

– Keigetsu junmai daiginjo gin no yume “dream brew” paired with beef tataki;

– Tosa brewery keigetsu tokubetsu junmai aikawa homare “honour of aikawa” paired with kamo kushiyaki; and last but not least

– Tosa brewery keigetsu tosa “yuzu sake” with kaisen salada

*IWC – International Wine Challenge – Sparkling Sake Trophy Winner

Overall, a beautiful event, fantastic sake, definitely one to try, and also a fantastic combination of sake and food pairings. Lastly the service was excellent at Sakagura London, 5* service.

#sake #nihonshu #keigetsu #tosabrewery #houseofsake #sakaguraldn #london #mayfair #heddonstreet #japancentre



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