Hello Baijiu: Raise a Chinese New Year Toast!!! (25th January 2017)


To celebrate Chinese New Year this year, ‘the Year of the Rooster’, an event was held at China Exchange UK, on Wednesday 25th January 2017 in London Chinatown, in partnership with FU Baijiu Bar Liverpool and part of Baijiu Cocktail Week.

The evening’s tasting event “Hello Baijiu: Raise a Chinese New Year Toast” at China Exchange UK, focussed on ‘Baijiu’, China’s alcoholic drink, and also the world’s most consumed spirit and the next drinking trend for London.

It was a lively evening, where we learnt to taste the differences in baijiu aromas while hearing about the methods and history of its production and the social context in which it’s enjoyed.

There are Four Types of Baijiu:
– Strong Aroma;
– Light Aroma;
– Sauce Aroma; and
– Rice Aroma.
We also learnt how to incorporate this strong distilled alcohol into our drinks cabinet with blending and cocktail ideas.

A wonderfully presented event by the FU Bar representatives on the topic of Baijiu!!!
This evening’s event was perfect for booze buffs or those looking for something fun to do to brighten up January.

Some of the Baijiu brands present on the evening included Moutai, Wu Liang Ye, Yanghe & Shui Jing Fang.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Have a Great Year!!!

Ganbei!!!! 🙂

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