Sake@UK & UK Sommelier Association Walkaround Tasting at Vagabond Wines (5-7 February 2017)


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Sake@UK imports sake from over 25+ sake breweries across Japan.

Sake@UK was pleased to announce a Walkaround tasting event hosting with UK Sommelier Association at Vagabond Wines – Charlotte Street on Sunday 5th – Tuesday 7th February 2017 to show case over 20 different Japanese sake Breweries.

On Sunday 5th February, I attended Vagabond Wines, entered the basement of the shop and was welcomed to a selection of sake to taste, with the chance to taste more than 20 brands. This was a unique chance to taste a vast range of drinks in one event.

The CEO of Sake@UK, Mr Nakamura, Managing Director and team were present on the day, guiding guests and sake enthusiasts through the different types of sake present on the day and what makes each one unique. Representatives of the UK Sommelier Association, the President and Vice President were also present on the day.

One thing about Sake that I like, is the variety and this event gave you the chance to explore a wide variety of sake, ranging from tasting sparkling sake, fruit sake to top quality Daiginjo / Junmai Daiginjo and even more than 40 year old vintage sake.

Additionally, this was a great chance to witness the Umami bomb! Sake enhances flavour of food because of its Umami! It was a great opportunity to see what sake can do but wine can not.

Have you ever tasted Sake with finger food? In order to enhance the flavour of Sake, food is necessary alongside it, and this event offered a food paring with Sake, namely, Finger food, which was served at the venue and a great combination with Sake.


At the end of the Day, guests, including myself had to decide on our favourite 3 Sakes in 3 Categories, it was a struggle, a hard choice to make indeed. In my opinion, they were all outstanding.

Lastly, guests were offered the chance to purchase their favourites from the day.

This Walkaround Tasting was an exclusive event for food trade professionals including: Sommeliers / Bar managers, Retailer buyers, Wholesalers / Distributors, Food / Drink Influencers like writers, editors, bloggers & the Media.

Overall, a great selection covered on 3 tables, delicious tasting sake and a great environment.

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