Takara Sake Tasting @ Hedonism Wines!!! (3rd March 2017)

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More than one and a half centuries of challenge!!!

Takara has great experience in producing Shochu, Mirin and Sake for more than one-and-a-half centuries, applying traditional sake-making craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a Sake worthy of the Takara mark.

Because Takara’s main business endeavors depend heavily on the mastery of natural processes such as fermentation, the Company feels a strong responsibility toward preserving the natural environment. As a self-proclaimed “Harmonist,” Takara engages in activities aimed at educating people about the importance of sustainable coexistence with nature.

Its work in this area is embodied in Takara’s corporate philosophy:
“Contributing to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle for its members through our fermentation technology and biotechnology in a way that achieves harmony with nature.”

Source: https://www.takarasake.com/introduction.php

The 3 types of Sake tasted that evening were:
– Mio Sparkling Sake;
– Daiginjo Muroka Genshu; and
– Kimoto Junmai.

An insightful evening on Friday 3rd March at Hedonism Wines, in the company of House of Sake’s Honami Matsumoto and Mr. Nagaoka of Takara – two leading sake experts in the UK.

Kanpai!!! 🙂

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