Gozenshu Sake Seminar!!! (21st March 2017)

Sakagura LDN once again presented its 3rd Sake & Food Pairing evening on Tuesday 21st March 2017, entitled “Gozenshu Sake Brewery Seminar” hosted by Oliver Hilton-Johnson (Director of Tengu Sake).

Gozenshu Sake Brewery, sake from the Maniwa City  of the Okayama Prefecture in Southern Japan, continue their family’s legacy as they pioneer the use of omachi rice and the ancient bodaimoto technique to brew their distinct and flavourful sake.

The Sake & Food Pairing for the evening included:

  1. Sake: Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Usu-nigori Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Soft Shell Crab Karage

  1. Sake: Gozenshu 9 “Mountain Stream” Junmai Nama Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Sakagura Carpaccio

  1. Sake: Gozenshu 9 “Rocky Mountain” Junmai Bodaimoto; paired with

Food: Wagyu Beef Aburi Steak; and lastly

  1. Sake: Gozenshu “Ancient Mountain” Futushu; paired with

Food: Tori Chicken Tsukune in Steamed Bun

#sake #saketasting #nihonshu #sakaguraldn #tengusake #gozenshu


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